Imagine a social world that revolves around you. Zon makes it real.

Imagine a world beyond feeds and followers, algorithms and agendas. Zon crafts a social universe sculpted around your passions, quirks, and dreams. It’s not about the curated image, but the unfiltered soul. Not about chasing trends, but forging connections that ignite. On Zon, you curate your cosmos. Fold away the noise, unfold the vibrant galaxies […]

Say no to fake information from now

Say goodbye to information overload! Zon lets you curate your social world with personalized folders. Dive deep into specific topics, track upcoming events, stay connected with loved ones, and explore your passions – all without the clutter.

Social Media That is Amazing Different

Compass in photo-realistic style with white background

Our social media is amazingly different than other social media sites. In our media, everything is organized as items in folders. We fuse social media, Web directory, and marketplace together.

About Us

A girl looking at a symbolic world image in the style of a mirror.

Zon is a new kind of a social media, where everything is represented as items in folders. Moreover, Zon is a fusion of a social media, Web directory, and a marketplace. The value of the project lies in multiplying profits in the “point” of fusion. Zon is being implemented in Motoko programming language, fully inside […]

A Religious Scientist That Survived PTSD

A black-and-white image of a man suffering severe PTSD

When I was 15 years old, I converted to Christ (about a year later I was baptized in a Baptist church). The mother attacked me in various ways, I suffered beating and hunger as a punishment for being a “sectarian” (in Russia smaller religious group that they call “sectarians” are hated, Russian employers have (illegal) […]

We Acquired a Loan


Our CEO, Victor Porton, lent to this company $3241.01 from his personal money.