Embrace a world of dynamic connections

  • Own your chaos: Curate private folders, your digital sanctuaries. Share them with friends, collaborate on projects, or keep them as your own secret stash.
  • Build the commons: Unleash the power of collaboration in communal folders. Add anything, from articles to videos, and let the community decide what shines. Vote on content, choose names, and sculpt the information landscape together.
  • Fuel the fire: For the extra-special stuff, paid items let creators earn, ensuring the best content rises to the top like cream (vegan cream, of course).

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Our CEO claims that his math research (ordered semicategory actions, that he discovered in 2019; also discontinuous analysis) is so much important for mankind, that if you donate for his science publicity project, you get back more funds than you spend donating. Also we support carbon accounting.

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