Our Site is Super-Fast Now

super-speed, depicted as look from a car in a highway in a tunnel
Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

I have optimized our site https://docs.zoncircle.com for high speed. Measurements show up to about 96/100 speed or more on desktop. Mobile speed still needs further optimization.

Super-speed optimization is thanks using AWS CloudFront cache and distribution network. (Before we used CloudFlare, but it was in some reason really slow: time to first byte, when retrieving an image from our server, was sometimes more than 1000 ms. I wonder why CloudFlare was so slow. I just replaced it by CloudFront.)

Our business is more attractive to invest now.

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Our CEO claims that his math research (ordered semicategory actions, that he discovered in 2019; also discontinuous analysis) is so much important for mankind, that if you donate for his science publicity project, you get back more funds than you spend donating. Also we support carbon accounting.

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