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Entertaining Facts & Horror About Social Network Zon and our main programmer, Victor Porton:

  • The author of this software and our CEO, Victor Porton, is also the person who discovered (in 2019) ordered semigroup actions and ordered semicategory actions (OSA). He claims that his discovery is so important for world economy, that if you donate for spreading the news among mathematicians, you can get back more economic growth than you spend (even if you aren’t a millionaire).
  • Victor Porton’s discovery of OSA and several other things as general and as important as group theory, allows him to claim that he is the best mathematician in known History, because nobody else did more than one such discovery.
  • The main purpose why this social network exists, is to loudly announce to other mathematicians about the discovery (because the scientific publication system failed).
  • It happened after the failure to publish OSA and Victor’s prayer to take him to the heaven alone and to destroy mankind for greed of everyone (nobody supports the publication of OSA) leading to loss of a critical element of the science. He claims, that God answered that he will be taken to heaven together with his partner. So, yep, mankind has a chance?

Entertaining Facts & Horror About Social Network Zon and our main programmer, Victor Porton:

  • The author says “One of the reasons why I develop my own social network, is that I somehow hate Twitter.” So our slogan: “Down with Twitter. Organize all the world into folders.”
  • While being a teenager Baptist, the author hit hunger because of religious discrimination. So he decided to use prayers and wishes to arrange a nuclear war against Russia, in the hope that if he destroys Moscow, the anti-sectarian propaganda in Russia will cease and he will not die of hunger and indeed proclaim his math discoveries.
  • The author claims that he will be taken to the heaven (in a time machine) like Enoch and become an archangel.
  • In Twitter or Facebook you can post a post only to one stream. Zon allows to post to multiple streams.
  • The author claims to be the Great Priest of Israel, while also claiming that Torah teaches that priests must be uncircumcised.
  • Zon supports in streams not only posts, but also links and two kinds of folders: owned and communal.
  • The author did his first scientific discovery (the definition of funcoids) at the streets, after eating some grass for a lunch, because the mother (illegally) sent him out of the house because of Russian hatred to sectarians.

Entertaining Facts & Horror About Social Network Zon and our main programmer, Victor Porton:

  • The author’s interpretation of the Bible is so unusual, that he describes it as a new religion, deviating from Christianity in the same way as Christianity deviated from Judaism.
  • In his religion, Victor Porton considers himself to be driven by a time machine (from which God emerges in the Universe). He says in his blog literally “Time machine drives me.”
  • “Mormim” in our wallpaper is a random word produced by an AI, but Victor liked it, sounding like a Harry Potter magic word. (And no, Victor didn’t read Harry Potter.)
  • You can vote about some of our business directions.
  • My struggle with PTSD.

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Our CEO claims that his math research (ordered semicategory actions, that he discovered in 2019; also discontinuous analysis) is so much important for mankind, that if you donate for his science publicity project, you get back more funds than you spend donating. Also we support carbon accounting.

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