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Our startup idea is the following:

  • Represent everything as items in folders (a folder is an item, too; an item can be in more than one folder).
  • Make folders of two kinds: owned (the owner decides what is in a folder) and communal (everybody can add an item to this folder, the order of items is decided by votes: thumbs up/down).
  • For communal folders users also decide by voting their names and descriptions.
  • Make some items paid.

For example, on the image above, there are folders “folder 1”, “folder 2”, “folder 3” inside the folder “The homepage”. Some items were votes for/against.

So, we have a fusion of a social network[ad], Web directory[ad], and a marketplace[ad]. It aims to multiply profits of all these three kinds of sites. We will also provide an affiliate program, so each author can earn.

Our site is specifically suited for indie authors[ad] that may be not favored by e.g. X social network, because the author can to increase his/her views post in our site not only to his own folders, but also to established community folders.

Please, vote below, whether you like the project and want to be an active user.

Also support us at Kernal site.