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Zon is a new kind of a social media[ad], where everything is represented as items in folders. Moreover, Zon is a fusion of a social media, Web directory[ad], and a marketplace[ad]. The value of the project lies in multiplying profits in the “point” of fusion.

Zon is being implemented in Motoko programming language, fully inside DFINITY Internet Computer blockchain. (So, unlike most of our competitors we are not hosted on Amazon.) It is expected that in the future control over the project will be delivered to a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), that is Internet voting will decide our tokenomics and other aspects of the governance, to make the project truly free.

The project is still in a beginning (“seed”) phase and we accept investments.

This project has been started by Victor Porton, then a few other people joined.

Earlier (Jul-Nov 2020), not yet being fascinated by DFINITY Internet Computer (because Internet Computer blockchain was not launched yet), Victor tried to implement it using two blockchains: Ethereum and Arweave, but that old version of this project was doomed to failure, because of high prices of these two chains, especially Ethereum, and requirement for the user to install browser extensions for two blockchains. The modern version of this project fully based on the DFINITY’s product started in 7 May 2023. During the work on this new version, some (yet unpublished) scientific research was conducted.

Victor discovered ordered semicategory actions and several other things as general and as important as group theory. AFAIK, nobody else discovered more than one such thing, so Victor can claim to be the best mathematician in known History.

Victor is also a religious figure and a philosopher.