Imagine a social world that revolves around you. Zon makes it real.

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Imagine a world beyond feeds and followers, algorithms and agendas. Zon crafts a social universe sculpted around your passions, quirks, and dreams. It’s not about the curated image, but the unfiltered soul. Not about chasing trends, but forging connections that ignite.

On Zon, you curate your cosmos. Fold away the noise, unfold the vibrant galaxies of your interests. Build constellations of communities, each orbiting a shared star – your passion for underwater photography, your love for astrophysics, your obsession with medieval reenactments. No judgment, no exclusion, just pure, gravitational pull of like-minded souls.In Zon, conversations dance around you. Forget one-size-fits-all threads. Dive into hyper-focused channels where every word resonates, every question sparks a supernova of ideas. No more shouting into the void, your voice finds its echo chamber, amplifying your thoughts within a community that truly listens.On Zon, experiences unfurl like shooting stars. Forget scrolling through highlight reels. Zon orchestrates immersive moments, tailored to your desires. Live cooking masterclasses in your favorite language, virtual hikes through undiscovered trails, private concerts with artists you adore – experiences crafted just for you, shared with those who share your fire.In Zon, your potential explodes like a supernova. Collaboration isn’t just a hashtag, it’s a cosmic ballet. Zon connects you with the missing pieces of your creative puzzles, the collaborators who will help your dreams take flight. From building the next Mars rover to writing the symphony of the soul, Zon fuels your ambitions with the right partners orbiting your orbit.Zon isn’t just a social network, it’s a revolution. It’s a universe where you aren’t just a spectator, but the star around which your world revolves. It’s a space where authenticity shines brighter than filters, and connections ignite galaxies of possibilities.So, are you ready to unfold your universe? Zon awaits.

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Our CEO claims that his math research (ordered semicategory actions, that he discovered in 2019; also discontinuous analysis) is so much important for mankind, that if you donate for his science publicity project, you get back more funds than you spend donating. Also we support carbon accounting.

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