Victor Porton is the technical founder and the main shareholder.

I discovered ordered semicategory actions and other things as basic and as important as group theory and wrote more than 500 pages about them. As far as I know, nobody other did more than one such discovery. Thus, I am the best mathematician in known History. I am a programming languages polyglot. I won multiple blockchain hackathons.

Sagar Kumar, our fundraising expert.

He led several startups.

Ndubuisi Ollawa, a deputy software developer.

Founder of ICT Solutions. Also worked in Geecore Limited and Utrend Technologies.

A Software & DevOps Engineer with over 6 years experience in web development, system enhancements, security testing, system design and development and project management.

Atiq Kaka, a marketer.

Meta certified social media marketer and manager. A founder of Magnates Marketing Services.

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