We Are Going to Be Carbon-Negative

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Our company is going to be carbon-negative (by a big, unspecified amount of tons of CO2), because of our software for carbon accounting. Our carbon accounting software is intended to fill the gap in carbon accounting to eliminate the possibility of multi-trillion thefts of carbon credits.

Our software also allows carbon accountants to collect a carbon “tax”, creating a free market of carbon accountants that compete for quality of service and this tax.

Our software consists of two parts:

Later we may release also a version of this software for DFINITY Internet Computer (and SNS-based DAO), because our corporate policy is to shift from slow and expensive Ethereum to efficient DFINITY Internet Computer blockchain.

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Our CEO claims that his math research (ordered semicategory actions, that he discovered in 2019; also discontinuous analysis) is so much important for mankind, that if you donate for his science publicity project, you get back more funds than you spend donating. Also we support carbon accounting.