We are creating a new kind of a social network[ad]: a network that is dissimilar to Twitter[ad], but is intended to represent everything as items in folders (so we are like being both Twitter and Dmoz[ad] at the same time, as well as several other sites: Kindle, LiveJournal, etc.) We also provide an advanced affiliate program, for the writers[ad] and others to earn and earn well. The software is however is yet in a preliminary state.

Join the low-volume email list notifying you about new releases (such as alpha/beta tests) of our software:

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You can join, if you are going to write posts, manage putting world topics into folders, or just read.

There is an alpha-test version released, so that you can experiment with it. But take into account that the current alpha is buggy, lacks important features, may work not all the time, and its data is scheduled to be deleted.

If you want a more traditional (similar to Twitter) than Zon social network with free speech, try Minds. On Minds you can also earn both for free content you post there and for paid content you can post (Minds+).

By joining as a user to this project, you also support Science. Our main shareholder, Victor Porton, is also a mathematician. He is going to use his personal time (after completion of this project) and money to produce a new, blockchain based system of scientific grants inclusive for all scientists from all countries.

It (both that blockchain project and Victor’s own research) is a game-changer in world science, where not so big in international magnitude money are able to solve big international problems effectively.

Also think about investing money into our project.