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We are ‘testing the waters’ to gauge investor interest in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding[ad]. No money or other consideration is being solicited. If sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and only through Wefunder’s platform. Any indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

From “With an ever-increasing number of social media networks putting their own spin on social engagement, the potential opportunities provided by such companies to deliver high returns for investors cannot be denied.”

Here is our pitchdeck.

See also this “Invest in Zon” article.

By investing to this project, you also support Science. Our main shareholder, Victor Porton, is also a mathematician (discoveries include Ordered Semigroup Actions and Discontinuous Analysis). He is going to use his personal time (after completion of this project) and money to produce a new, blockchain based system of scientific grants inclusive for all scientists from all countries.

It (both that blockchain project and Victor’s own research) is a game-changer in world science, where not so big in international magnitude money are able to solve big international problems effectively.

Advice to other entrepreneurs


I strongly recommend you to incorporate in the USA, because this way you can obtain American investments[ad] (see below). This way, you will still probably pay most of the taxes in your homecountry not in USA, but your business will have rights given by the US[ad] government.

To incorporate in the USA for a moderate price, go to FirstBase site. Use the below coupon codes to reduce your spents with FirstBase:

ServiceCoupon codeYour discount
Firstbase Accounting™ACCVIKTORXUREE81EE$50
Firstbase Start™PARTNER1010%
Firstbase Mailroom™MAILROOM10$10
Firstbase Agent™ LightLIGHT1010%
Firstbase Agent™ (other)AGENTLTVIKTORXUREE81EEdepends
Autopilot PlanAUTOPILOT1010%
Payroll PlanPAYROLL1010%


Brex is a banking solution especially for startups. It has a convenient and powerful web interface for banking and cards, and their service is mostly free. (Up to now we haven’t paid a single cent to Brex.) Probably, the world best banking solution for companies.

How to obtain investments

As I said above, you need to register in the USA, to be eligible for American investments.

If you want to raise money for your company selling[ad] equity by crowdfunding, please do either (or both):

You need to choose only one of these two companies. WeFunder has significantly lower fees, but it does not promote your fundraiser until you raise $50,000 (what may be difficult if you don’t have rich friends).

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