All About Twitter Display Ads: An Easy Explanation for Beginners!

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Are you new to Twitter advertising?

Confused about how to use Twitter display ads to reach potential customers?

In this article, we’ll break down the basics of Twitter display ads in an easy-to-understand way.

Whether you’re a small business owner or just starting out in digital marketing, we’ve got you covered.

Learn how to create eye-catching ads, target specific audiences, and measure your success.

By the end, you’ll feel confident in using Twitter display ads to grow your business.

What are Twitter Display Ads?

Twitter display ads have different formats, like Promoted Tweets, Follower Ads, Amplify, Takeover, and Branded Hashtags. These options offer a wide range of creative ad campaigns. Companies can use Twitter display ads to create brand awareness and reach potential customers in an appealing way. They can also align their brand with premium content their target audience already engages with and connect with users based on demographic and audience features.

When creating successful Twitter display ads, it is important to use strong media such as visually-engaging photos and videos. Having multiple creative options in rotation at any given time can help businesses identify what resonates most with their audience. Videos between 6-15 seconds long with captions and prominent branding tend to perform best. Crafting compelling copy and including clear calls-to-action and relevant hashtags also help drive engagement and generate leads.

What Kinds of Ads Can You See on Twitter?

Ads that Make Your Tweets Stand Out

Twitter display ads are a type of paid advertising on the platform. Brands use them to promote their content and reach more people. These ads can be in different formats like Promoted Tweets and Follower Ads. They can also be targeted to specific audiences based on demographics, interests, or custom lists.

They are important for brands to increase visibility and engage potential customers. With strong visuals and short copy, Twitter ads can make a brand stand out and catch users’ attention as they scroll through their feed. These ads play a big role in boosting brand awareness and increasing website visits and conversions. They are a valuable tool for businesses aiming to succeed in their marketing strategies on Twitter.

Ads to Get More Twitter Friends

Twitter Display Ads are a type of ad used to promote products, services, or content on Twitter. They help businesses reach new followers, drive website traffic, increase brand awareness, and boost engagement.

Businesses should use Twitter Display Ads to increase their Twitter followers and expand their reach. Display ads can also help improve brand recognition and create a stronger connection with potential customers.

When setting up a Twitter ad campaign, businesses can choose how much money they want to spend on their ads. There is no minimum campaign spend, and companies have the option to set a daily budget that suits their advertising goals and financial constraints.

Ads with Cool Videos

Twitter ads with cool videos are attention-grabbing. They capture viewers quickly and keep them engaged. This boosts interaction rates.

Pre-roll ads align brands with premium content on Twitter. They also create a positive link between the brand and the content, increasing engagement.

Strong, short videos (6-15 seconds) with captions and branding work well on Twitter. They catch the audience’s eye and provide value effectively.

Ads That Give You a Special Spotlight

There are different types of Twitter ads that give a special spotlight. These include Promoted Tweets, Follower Ads, Twitter Amplify, Twitter Takeover, and Branded Hashtags.

Twitter display ads provide benefits for business promotion. This includes highly advanced targeting features to narrow in on the desired audience. There’s also an auction system where businesses can decide how much they pay for billable actions. Additionally, the ability to set a daily budget without a minimum campaign spend, and the opportunity to use visually-engaging videos and photos as creative options.

Businesses can emphasize urgency and guide the audience to clear and concise calls-to-action in their posts.

The key steps to create an effective and eye-catching Twitter ad include:

  • Having 3-5 creative options in rotation at any given time for variety.
  • Utilizing videos between 6-15 seconds long with captions and prominent branding.
  • Accenting with 1-2 appropriate hashtags and/or emojis.
  • Aligning pre-roll ads with brand-safe, premium content to increase reach.

Ads That Make Hashtags Fun

Twitter ads can make hashtags fun. They do this by using catchy and relevant hashtags in the ad copy and visual content. This engages users and encourages participation in conversations and campaigns.

One way to create engaging Twitter ads with hashtags is by using visually-engaging photos and videos. These should have captions and prominent branding.

Twitter ads should also have a witty and risky brand voice in the ad copy. They should also have clear and concise calls-to-action with an emphasis on urgency.

In addition, using 1-2 appropriate and relevant hashtags, as well as emojis, can enhance the fun and engagement of Twitter ads.

Lastly, running pre-roll ads to align the brand with brand-safe, premium content can also enhance the fun and engaging nature of Twitter ads with hashtags.

Why Should You Use Twitter Display Ads?

Reach a Ton of People Fast

Twitter Display Ads are a great way to quickly reach a big audience on the platform. These ads can help users expand their reach and increase brand awareness by getting their content in front of many people in a short time.

The ads offer different targeting options like demographic targeting, event targeting, and interest targeting, making it efficient to reach the right audience.

Users can set their own budget and have full control over how much they spend on their advertising campaign. There’s no minimum spend requirement, and users can choose their daily budget during the campaign setup. This means staying within their financial means while reaching a large number of people rapidly.

Pick Who Sees Your Ads

Twitter’s advanced targeting features help you reach your desired audience. You can filter by demographic and audience features, such as follower look-alikes, event targeting, interest and conversation targeting, and re-engager targeting. You can also create a custom audience list.

Bidding for your ads is done through an auction system. You get to decide how much you pay for each billable action. During campaign setup, Twitter will recommend a bid based on the targeting parameters you’ve selected.

When it comes to your ad budget, the price is up to you. There’s no minimum campaign spend. You choose a daily budget for your ads during campaign setup, and Twitter will never exceed this amount.

Your specific advertising goals for your Twitter ads might include brand alignment with brand-safe, premium content your customers are already watching. You can align your brand with in-feed video content from 200+ premium, brand-safe video publishers, including top TV networks, major sports leagues, and professional news outlets.

Twitter Ads are Getting Cooler!

Twitter display ads are an effective way to reach a specific audience through a medium they engage with every day.

Users can target particular demographics to increase ad relevancy.

Pricing is flexible, as advertisers can set a daily budget and will never go over this amount. There is no minimum spend.

The amount of money to spend on an ad depends on campaign goals and target audience.

Ads with strong visual engagement, such as striking images and short videos, perform best.

Running pre-roll ads is a way to connect your brand with safe, high-quality content users are already consuming.

These videos should be under 15 seconds long and accompanied by clear and effective calls-to-action.

Videos should have bold branding and clear and concise text and should be uploaded as MP4 or MOV files.

Making a Cool Twitter Ad: Easy Steps!

Pick the Goal of Your Ad

Your Twitter ad should aim to attract and engage followers by promoting your brand, product, or service. You can increase website traffic, generate leads, or drive app installs. It’s vital to define the specific action you want users to take after seeing your ad.

For example, you might want them to visit your website, sign up for a newsletter, or download your app. By choosing the right advertising objective, you can reach your target audience and get the results you want. Using strong visuals and compelling copy in your ad can also enhance user engagement and prompt them to take action.

Make Your Ad Look Awesome

Twitter Display Ads are visually-rich advertisements that appear on a user’s feed. They include Promoted Tweets, Follower Ads, Twitter Amplify, Twitter Takeover, and Branded Hashtags.

These ads grab and hold the audience’s attention effectively, especially through strong media such as visually-engaging photos and videos. Video ads have proven to be successful, with those being between 6-15 seconds performing best.

Using paid Twitter advertising allows businesses to extend their reach, grow brand awareness, and generate leads, which are all important in today’s competitive digital age.

A recommended approach for new advertisers would be to set a daily budget during campaign setup, with no minimum spend and never exceeding the allocated amount.

To maximize results, they should be experimenting with various ad creative and copy. Captions and text overlays are highly recommended, as well as using wit and incorporating clear calls-to-action.

Audiences generally respond well to a campaign that aligns with their interests, so it is recommended that businesses keep their content highly engaging by leaning heavily on trends in aspect ratio and content they’d like to run on.

Decide Who Should See Your Ad

The ad should target a specific audience. This can be done using advanced features for filtering by demographics and audience characteristics. This includes follower look-alikes targeting, event targeting, interest and conversation targeting, and re-engager targeting. It is also possible to create a custom audience list.

Tailor the ad to the target audience using visually-engaging photos and videos, with 3-5 creative options in rotation. Use videos that are 6-15 seconds long with captions and prominent branding. The ad copy should have a witty and risky brand voice, clear and concise calls-to-action, and emphasize urgency. Incorporate 1-2 appropriate and relevant hashtags or emojis.

Lastly, run the ad as pre-roll. This aligns the brand with brand-safe, premium content that customers are already watching, such as must-see sports highlights and reactions to the season finale.

How Much Money to Spend on Your Twitter Ad?

When you run a Twitter ad campaign, you decide the budget. There’s no minimum spend. You pick a daily budget and Twitter Ads won’t go over it.

Depending on your goals, like boosting brand awareness or getting website traffic, you may allocate different amounts for each ad.

For example, if you want more website traffic, you can allocate more budget to campaigns that got more link clicks before. Similarly, if you want to boost brand awareness, you can allocate more budget to campaigns that gave higher brand exposure.

Tips to Make Awesome Twitter Ads

Keep Your Words Short and Sweet

Creating effective Twitter ads involves using visually-engaging photos and videos. It’s also beneficial to have 3-5 creative options in rotation to learn what the audience responds best to. Clear and concise calls-to-action, emphasizing urgency, and using 1-2 appropriate hashtags and/or emojis can make the ad more effective.

Keeping words short and sweet is important in Twitter ads because users have limited attention spans and a high volume of content to scroll through. By using concise language, brands can quickly grab the attention of users and effectively communicate their message.

Twitter display ads provide a quick and effective way to reach a large audience. By utilizing advanced targeting features such as demographic and audience filtering, follower look-alikes targeting, event targeting, interest and conversation targeting, and re-engager targeting, brands can ensure that their ads are reaching the right people. This allows for rapid exposure and engagement with a broad audience.

Tell People What to Do Next

Creating an effective Twitter ad starts with targeting the audience. Use advanced targeting features like demographic, audience, event, and interest targeting. Also, create custom audience lists.

Twitter ads compete in an auction, and users choose how much to pay for each action. There’s no minimum campaign spend, and advertisers choose a daily budget during setup.

For the creative aspect, use visually-engaging photos and videos, rotate multiple creative options, and include clear and concise calls-to-action with urgency and hashtags.

Brands can also run pre-roll ads with a maximum length of 15 seconds, closed captioning, and a recommended video aspect ratio of 1:1.

Pretty Pictures Get More Looks

Twitter Display Ads are attention-grabbing and can feature photos and videos. They stand out in users’ feeds, which are the most visited part of Twitter.

These ads are budget-friendly as there is no minimum spend. Users can set both a daily and total budget. Plus, you pay only when you get results.

The price of an ad is up to the user and there’s no minimum campaign spend. This allows advertisers to choose a daily budget during the campaign setup, and Twitter will not go over this amount.

Twitter’s pricing structure is a cost per action. Advertisers only pay when a user takes a specified action. For example, if the goal is driving video views, users are only charged when someone views at least 3 seconds of the video.

This allows budget control based on the type of actions and users desired for Twitter Display Ads.

Try Things Out and Make Them Better

Twitter Display Ads can make your tweets stand out. You can use visually-engaging photos and videos to grab attention. It’s a good idea to rotate 3-5 creative options to see what your audience responds to best. Videos between 6-15 seconds with captions and branding work well.

To create great Twitter Ads, try using a witty and risky brand voice. Include clear calls-to-action and 1-2 relevant hashtags or emojis. Also, consider aligning your brand with premium content through pre-roll ads.

There’s no minimum campaign spend for Twitter Ads. You can decide how much you pay for each billable action. The platform recommends a bid based on your targeting. Plus, you can set a daily budget for your ads during setup.

Let’s Start with Twitter Display Ads!

Twitter Display Ads are a type of paid promotion on Twitter. They use images or videos to engage with the audience.

These ads are a great way to target specific groups or interests and reach users beyond your followers. They offer a more visual and creative approach to promoting your brand or products.

Businesses can use Twitter Display Ads to boost brand awareness, drive website traffic, or generate leads. They allow targeting specific audiences and increasing visibility.

There’s no minimum spend for these ads, and businesses can set a daily budget based on their goals. They can also adjust the budget based on campaign success, with Twitter never exceeding the set daily limit.

With strong creative, bidding, budget, and targeting, businesses can effectively use Twitter Display Ads to achieve their advertising goals and connect with their audience.

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